Foreskin Restoration Calculator

This app was made to help people restoring their foreskins estimate how long their journey is going to take. It uses a formula developed by Reddit user /u/Icerest.

Let's find out


First, measure your current skin length from the base of the penis to the scar line, flaccid or erect, and enter it below:

(cm / in)

Then, measure your desired goal length and enter it below:

(cm / in)

Finally, estimate your growth rate by choosing your level of commitment to tugging:


  • How can I distinguish between inner and outer skin in the calculator?

    To get estimate for both inner and outer the calculator needs to be run separately for outer skin and inner skin.

  • Does this app gather any user information? What about my privacy?

    This app does not keep track of any user information except for Google Analytics.

Made by Pixlforge.

Formula developed by /u/Icerest

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